One of the few patrons of the arts to support jazz musicians, the BNP Paribas foundation has funded them for more than 15 years, helping them with recordings and supporting their advertising and promotion – especially on tour. All these are ways in which they can be assisted in developing their projects. Beyond this support, the BNP Paribas foundation strives to help these musicians become better known and reach a wider audience.

Three jazz artists currently supported by the foundation are presenting their new albums:

Laurent Cugny: La Tectonique des Nuages (Signature/Radio France)

Cloud Tectonics A rare event, the creation of La Tectonique des Nuages has its roots in a long-held ambition of Jean-Paul Boutellier, of Jazz à Vienne, and the musician Laurent Cugny. Indeed, it was to take several years to make this dream come to fruition – to find the subject matter, write the score, bring together the musicians and singers, and put the production together. First performed in a live version at Jazz à Vienne in 2006, the piece by the American playwright José Rivera, Cloud Tectonics, set to music by Laurent Cugny, has since played to full houses at the Théâtre de la Ville, the Théâtre du Rond-Point, and the Comédie de Saint Etienne, with a lineup including three singers, led by David Lynx and Laika Fatien, and about 10 musicians. As well as supporting its creation, the BNP Paribas Foundation has been associated with the recording of this jazz opera.


Sophia Domancich: Snakes and Ladders (Cristal Records)

Snakes and ladders - Sophia Domancich Honoured with the French award “Elu Citizen Jazz”, as well as four stars by Jazz magazine, Sophia Domancich's latest album displays this pianist's rich repertoire, which here shows us a dark, poisonous world where voices alternately fascinate and disturb the listener. These voices are not unknown. Sophia Domancich, who has already won the prestigious Django Reinhardt prize, brings together in this work the great figures of progressive rock: the legendary Robert Wyatt with Wilderness, while the grating performance of John Greaves shakes Tea Time or Goodnight. Among these texts we find the poetry of Jacqueline Cahen or the writing of John Greaves, but many other inputs contribute to the richness of this ensemble, from the singer Himiko Paganotti to the voices of Napoleon Maddox and Ramon Lopez – not forgetting the musicians in the ensemble (including Simon Goubert on drums) and the arrangers.


Régis Huby/Maria Laura Baccarini/Yann Appery: All Around (Abalone Productions)

All AroundAll Around consists of nine tableaux, all linked, to create a sort of oratorio, a musical fairytale for the world …” These tableaux painted by Régis Huby take shape based on a libretto by Yann Apperry, a Franco-American writer who won the Medicis prize and who here weaves a poetic fable evoking humanity and its relationship with the earth. When Régis Huby composed the musical shell for this fable, he played with colours, cultures, and multiple rhythms: classical, jazz, pop, and Asian, African, and Celtic traditional. Over this musical canvas floats the voice of Maria Laura Baccarini, an Italian singer whose dramatic force and vocal technique do full justice to the fire and meaning of this work.


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