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How does BNP Paribas take action for a just transition?

BNP Paribas is focusing on ensuring that the energy transition be a ‘just’ transition as well, one that leaves no one behind. This commitment is reflected in numerous actions such as the design of responsible products and solutions that are accessible to the most vulnerable populations or through projects with a positive impact. Discover how this commitment can be traced throughout the first half of the year with this selection of four articles.

The special issue of ‘Perspectives’ on the just transition: a new European survey on the transition, in partnership with Ipsos

The NEST (Network of Experts in Sustainability Transitions) team at BNP Paribas have leveraged the expertise of Ipsos to conduct an in-depth investigation into Europeans' perceptions of climate change, the energy transition and the concept of a ‘just transition.’ 

Read the Perspectives on just transition

ChangeNow 2023: an edition dedicated to climate, biodiversity and the just transition 

BNP Paribas was present at the ChangeNow event, the meeting place focused on solutions for the planet. A plentiful edition with over 1,000 concrete actions presented, 400 conferences and workshops and 120 countries represented, with the just transition taking centre stage.   

How is microfinance performing socially and environmentally around the world?

BNP Paribas keeps up its commitment to financial inclusion and microfinance, which has been active for nearly 35 years. The Group published the second edition this year of its microfinance social performance report covering 2022 with new indicators including environmental performance. 


What does BNP Paribas do for the ecological transition and inclusion?

At the beginning of 2023, several actors in the banking and insurance sectors announced the creation of social or ecological dividends, dedicating part of their results and profits to environmental, solidarity and prevention projects, creating an opportunity to take a closer look at some of BNP Paribas’ related actions. This is an opportunity to take stock of BNP Paribas' strong commitments.

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