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Help2Help in Burkina Faso: 3 employees tell their story

As part of the Help2Help programme, 3 employees from BICIAB, a BNP Paribas subsidiary in Burkina Faso, last January received financial aid to help them in their volunteer work. Alimata, Faustine and Thérèse tell us how this boost enabled them to carry out their projects.

Buying a tricycle ambulance for the Balavé health and social improvement centre

Alimata Ouédraogo

“The aim of my project is to help the people of the Rural Community of Balavé in the Boucle du Mouhoun Region, Banwa Province, by getting a tricycle ambulance for the health and social improvement centre. During the rainy season, road conditions make it impossible to reach the Balavé area. A tricycle ambulance would facilitate evacuation from the medical centre to the Solenzo surgical hospital which is located 25 km from the town in the case of medical emergencies. The project will help to improve health services by solving the problem of evacuating patients to the Solenzo hospital unit where they can receive better care.

The entire community is happy about the support, which will definitely reduce child mortality due to the lack of evacuation means.”

Building two dormitories at the Rama Foundation’s shelter in Komsilga

Faustine Sombié

“My project is to help improve women’s living conditions by building two dormitories at the RAMA Foundation’s outreach and accommodation shelter in the Rural Community of Komsilga, in Sabtoana, Central Region.On average over a three-month period, the shelter houses more than thirty women from all the rural regions of Burkina Faso. Building these dormitories will help to improve the women's living conditions while they are waiting to receive medical care.

The funding of this initiative met with great enthusiasm from the management of the shelter as well as the inhabitants who will have more room to sleep and live in decent conditions.”

Helping vulnerable women in the Pabré community to start farming with small ruminants

Thérèse Sawadogo

“My project is to help 20 vulnerable women from the Community of Pabré, a village in Goupana, with income-generating activities by giving each of them 4 sheep as well as a breeding shelter.Sheep breeding and fattening represents a valuable support for the women and their families: it helps them to ward off poverty, meet their families’ basic needs, pay their children’s school fees, buy school supplies, and obtain healthcare for family members. And for a Burkinabe, it is a great source of pride to be able to provide in the basic needs of their family without getting help from someone else!

The project also generates revenue for the Pabré/Goupana municipal area as a whole and brings (new) life and dignity to all the families of the village.”

Supporting employees who volunteer around the world!

The Help2Help programme, which aims to support projects that Group employees undertake on a volunteer basis in national or international solidarity associations, has already been deployed in 30 countries. In France, since it was launched in 2003, Help2Help has already sponsored 675 volunteer projects, with subsidies of up to EUR 4,000 per project. Each year, new countries are joining this worthwhile initiative.

In 2017, Mali, Côte d’Ivoire and Burkina Faso implemented the programme and each received exceptional financial support from the BNP Paribas Foundation to finance an additional project. In Burkina Faso, 12 projects were presented and 3 selected.

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