The 12 acrobats from Tangier who came to prominence in 2004 with Taoub have just put on Chouf Ouchouf (‘look and look again' in Arabic), a new show written and directed by Swiss duo Zimmermann & de Perrot. The premier of the work took place on 25 September at the Palais Moulay Hafid in Tangier before moving off on a world tour.

Putting together their passion for the circus and their keenness to collaborate, they met for a period of working exchange in Tangier: on the one side were the Swiss duo, inventors of the wordless dialogue, mixing music and circus and dance, and on the other side, twelve acrobatic actors who mastered their art in Tangier before circling the globe.

As always in their world, Zimmermann and de Perrot have created a striking visual décor. This time, the facades of buildings alternately swallow people up and then reveal them. We are in the noisy alleyways of the Medina and the boats in the port of Tangier. The sets inspire a wish to rise, take flight, jump in the air and float away.

Chouf Ouchouf is the fruit of a twofold cooperation. Firstly, it represents an artistic encounter between a Moroccan company and Swiss duo Zimmermann & de Perrot, as seen so famously in the show Gaff Aff. Equally, the BNP Paribas Foundation and the BMCI Foundation (BMCI is the BNP Paribas subsidiary in Morocco) have joined forces to help the Groupe Acrobatique de Tanger since 2008, providing the young company with the means to raise their profile and gain increased recognition.

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