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Dream Up: looking back at 3 projects from 2018-2019

Since its inception in 2015, the BNP Paribas Foundation’s Dream Up programme has allowed 30,000 disadvantaged young people to attend over 1,500 workshops, shows and artistic creations in the areas of dance, theatre, music and crafts. Discover the 2018/2019 Dream Up session through three countries and three projects.

In NYC, dance is bringing out the best in children from disadvantaged families

Children from East Harlem’s poorest neighbourhoods face many challenges every day. Often left to their own devices after school, they have little opportunity to practice an artistic activity. Supported by the Dream Up programme since the 2017-2018 school year, the DMF Youth organisation in Harlem, New York offers 250 children the chance to bloom through the practice of dance and to develop their receptiveness to other disciplines. “The dance classes taught me the importance of being kind to others and to be myself!”Aniya 5th grade.

The dance classes taught me the importance of being kind to others and to be myself!

In South Korea, learning music as a means to communicate with others 

In South Korea, Dream Up has been funding the Little Drums organisation since 2015 which teaches children the art of playing Nanta, the country’s traditional percussion instrument. Beating the drums helps young people let off steam and develop team spirit. Altogether, 111 children and teens have participated in the project. For these children, who often come from multicultural families and do not speak Korean very well yet, music turns out to be a good way of communicating with their classmates

Little Drums performance.

In Colombia, raising children’s awareness of peace through singing

In Colombia, Dream Up has been backing the Batuta Foundation since 2015. The Batuta Foundation helps 150 children as part of the reconciliation for peace programme launched by Colombia’s Ministry of Culture for victims of armed conflict. Five music centres have teamed up to pass on their know-how and teach them how to sing. Singing brings the children together in a stress-free setting where they learn the importance of teamwork

I feel like all my problems go away,” says Jeronimo Quitian  .  

Dream Up in Colombia - Batuta Foundation.

Dream up

Created in 2015, this international programme was renewed for three years in 2018. It promotes the education of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds through the practice of an artistic activity.  A total of 30 organisations receive support in 29 countries. 

The programme works in several countries where BNP Paribas operates and has benefitted some 30,000 disadvantaged young people over three years with over 1,500 workshops, shows and artistic creations in dance, theatre, music and the visual arts. 

Dream Up in figures







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