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Dream Up in Marseille: showcasing dance and performing arts to young people from underprivileged areas

The BNP Paribas Foundation is working closely with young people in local areas thanks to the partnership with KLAP(Opens in a new tab), Maison pour la Danse in Marseille, as part of its Dream Up program.

KLAP is the name of the Maison pour la Danse(Opens in a new tab) created by choreographer Michel Kelemenis. 

Based in Marseille 5france), in the heart of one of the poorest urban districts of France, Maison KLAP is a unique site; open to audiences far removed from knowledge about artistic disciplines. It offers dance classes, access to shows, as well as education provided by professionals in the sector.

KLAP’s work goes beyond these missions, as Michel Keleminis explains: “KLAP is also a peaceful and open place, where everyone is welcome. The kids are its ambassadors.” 

ADOLéDANSE supported by the BNP Paribas Foundation 

Keen to open up Maison KLAP ever further, Michel Kelemenis has developed the ADOLéDANSE(Opens in a new tab) program supported by the BNP Paribas Foundation as part of the international Dream Up program. 

ADOLéDANSE allows a 6th grade class at Edgar-Quinet college (3rd arrondissement, where the majority of college students are on scholarships) to do contemporary dance once a week as part of their classes. It’s also an opportunity to regularly meet professional dancers, attend shows, and get a behind-the-scenes look at the world of dance. A unique and transformative experience!

Students are happy to attend workshops that teach them how to feel relaxed after classes.

It’s a rare form of learning that also demonstrates how much they are able to change their relationships with others, and do an activity with rigour and pleasure.

“I submitted this project to the BNP Paribas Foundation because it’s aimed at young people on the brink of adolescence: the challenge of ADOLéDANSE is to feel transformed and to see a transformation in others. It’s an open door to diversity, and the encounter with dance is an element that facilitates this discovery of tolerance and openness” Michel Keleminis explains.

It’s an open door to diversity, and the encounter with dance is an element that facilitates this discovery of tolerance and openness.
Dream Up with le KLAP in Marseille.

What is the Dream Up international sponsorship program?

ADOLéDANSE is supported as part of the Dream Up the international program of education via artistic practice developed by the BNP Paribas Foundation. Created in 2015, this international program was renewed for 3 years in 2018

Dream Up promotes the education of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds through the practice of an artistic activity. A total of 30 associations are supported in 29 countries. The program works in various countries where BNP Paribas operates and has benefited some 30,000 disadvantaged young people over 3 years, thanks to over 1,500 workshops, shows and artistic creations. In France, Dream Up support is provided to the Maison pour la Danse, Kelemenis & Cie with the aim of promoting education and tolerance in diversity, through art. 

Dream Up 2nd edition: 2018-2020


budget for the second edition


children supported over the next three years

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