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Dream UP in India with Aseema Charitable Trust

In Mumbai, Aseema Charitable Trust, a partner of the BNP Paribas Foundation Dream Up project, enables children from the slum districts of Mumbai to receive a full education through extracurricular activities such as Music and Art. Thanks to its support, children can have access to cultural basis and more importantly, they have the desire to learn.

Aseema Charitable Trust, equip children from marginalized communities with high quality, value based education 

Established in 1995 to favor access to a quality education for children from the slum districts of Mumbai, Aseema Charitable Trust gather today 220 skilled teachers trained to an adapted education approach for these children. They allow more than 4,000 pupils from four different schools to benefit from high-quality teaching at one of four schools in the area, from early childhood through to school-leaving age.

Through this partnership, Aseema Charitable Trust offers introductory training in music and choral singing to boys and girls at two municipal schools in Mumbai : Kherwadi School (300 pupils in primary and junior school) and Pali Chimbai Municipal School (585 pupils in primary school).

Practical training in one of the arts is the best way

This initiative is perfectly in line with the Dream Up program, which is based on the premise that education is a long-term solution to the problems which children from such backgrounds face from their earliest years, and that practical training in one of the arts is the best way to encourage children to take an interest in their education. 

Aseema’s approach allows establishing a relationship of trust with the children, putting them in contact with arts education with the ultimate aim of rebuilding through practical involvement the self-confidence which they need to grow and develop. Beyond the partnership with the BNP Paribas Foundation through the Dream Up program, BNP Paribas India also brings financial support to Aseema Charitable Trust education projects.

In Mumbai, Aseema association, supported by Dream Up program, helps children who lives in slums to access to a complete education, implying the practice of extracurricular activities such as sports, music or dance.

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