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Discover the Dream Up programme in the USA with Alonzo King’s Lines Ballet

Dream Up is the new international programme for education through artistic practice launched by BNP Paribas Foundation 30,000 underprivileged youngsters will benefit from it in 26 countries. Today, let us discover Lines Ballet!

LINES Ballet is a contemporary dance company created in 1982 by the famous choreographer Alonzo King. It has partnered with the BNP Paribas Foundation since 2010 and with Bank of the West since 2013.

But within the framework of Dream Up, the Foundation and Bank of the West do not extend their support to a new creation but to a dance programme for the underprivileged youth of San Francisco. With the setting up of Connecting With Our Neighborhood, two years ago, LINES Ballet has made these 6 to 16 years old youth culturally aware and given them the opportunity to express themselves through dance.

This free programme is held every week and the dance training is provided by 4 to 8 artists and teachers. Several times a year, the students visit the LINES ballet studio to discover the world of dance. 

They regularly organise short performances to show their work to Lines Ballet and their near ones. In October 2016, these young artists will present their works at Line’s annual event -HeART.

Furthermore, Lines Ballet is envisaging proposing to the bank employees to get involved as volunteers during the shows.

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