A partner since 2007 of Jean-Christophe Frisch and his travelling Baroque ensemble XVIII-21, the BNP Paribas foundation has supported the recording of their latest album, pleasingly entitled Daphné sur les ailes du vent - Daphne on the wings of the wind.

This work, which has been released by the label Arion on 18 June, takes the form of a musical historical novel that tells the story of Daphne, a young woman who decides to leave Venice after an unhappy love affair. She travels around the world, in the same way as the famous melody of the same name has travelled on the wings of the wind. But Daphne could also be the name of a galleon which Jean-Christophe Frisch's imagination sails over the oceans, from Italy, Flanders, and Spain. Together with his travelling musicians and singers, he takes us on a world tour encompassing North America, Mexico, the Philippines, China, India, and the Middle East.

Since it was set up in 1984, the BNP Paribas foundation has constantly promoted the discovery and dissemination of rare or new musical works. It is not surprising, therefore, that it has crossed the path of Jean-Christophe Frisch. Over time, this meeting has become a firm and fruitful partnership, which led the BNP Paribas foundation to Pietro della Valle's Il pellegrino, then to the rediscovery of the Codex Caioni in Bulgaria, and finally on the imaginary journey of Daphné sur les ailes du vent.

All these projects forcefully express the permanence and richness of the cultural dialogue to which the BNP Paribas foundation is committed.

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