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The Creative Development Project: our Dream Up partner in China

Dream Up is the new BNP Paribas Foundation educational programme by the artistic practice. 30,000 children in unstable situation or of disability will profit from it in 26 countries. Today here is Dream Up in China with the Creative Development Project (unavailable link).

Sponsored by the BNP Paribas Foundation, the Creative Development Project in China has been rolled out under the Dream Up umbrella for three years starting from 2015 in coordination with Taipei Ricci Institute.

In the first semester commencing September 2015, there have been 7 professional teachers assigned to teach art, music and dance workshops for 371 students in 3 schools across Qingshen county, Sichuan province. By end of 2015, a total of 252 workshops will be conducted for students of different grades.

Each workshop lasts for 1-2 hours. One open performance and two arts exhibitions will be organized at school in June, 2016.

The three schools that have been covered by Dream Up programme are Ruifeng Elementary School (瑞峰小学), Hebazi Elementary School (河坝子小学) and Luobo Elementary School (罗波小学) with 118, 135 and 118 students respectively.

Ricci Institutes

The Ricci Institutes, named after the sinologist Matteo Ricci, are research and publication centers directed towards the studies of Chinese ancient and modern culture as well as towards the intercultural dialogue. 

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