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The « Crazy Days » of Warsaw 2016: Nature and Trumpets

The "Crazy Days" of Warsaw will be held from the 23rd to the 25th September 2016 in Warsaw, but also exceptionally in the cities of Minsk and Zyrardow !

These are the numbers that sum-up the planning of the seventh Polish edition of “Les Folles Journées”


hours of party in the streets



5 000


50 000

participants expected

Ambitious objectives are set for the 7th edition 

This new concept, which was born in 1995 from Frenchman René Martin, has been since exported in Spain, Brazil or Japan, eventually reaching the shores of Poland in 2010. 

The festival has set itself three main objectives for this year: renewing the image of classical music by opening it to the public while preserving its fundamental values and musical excellency, giving to the participants the access to more services, such as movies, conferences, or catering facilities ; and finally enlarging the range of genre performed, with cover versions of great classicals or new tracks composed just for children !

Nature is honored in 2016 

Since its creation, the “Crazy Days” have grown around yearly music themes : in 2010 it was the commemoration of the two-hundredth anniversary of Frederic Chopin ; in 2012 it was the celebration of Russia ; in 2013 it was  the French and Spanish Music. 

The 2016 Polish edition of “The Crazy Days” is devoted to the universal theme that is Nature. From the dawn of time Man has been fascinated by the cyclic nature of the seasons, the abundance of landscapes and the power of the elements. He has always strived to translate the infinite palette of impressions that Nature provided into the language of music. 

As a consequence, expect to be moved by French and international composers who are deeply inspired by the Muses of Nature, and who will perform all day and all night during three days, not only in Warsaw, but also exceptionally in the cities of Minsk and Zyrardow !

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