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Chords for a cause : news from Dream Up in India

Dream Up is the new BNP Paribas Foundation educational art programme. The Australian World Orchestra was in Aseema’s Pali Chimbai Municipal School, India, to present classical music to the Dream Up project children. 

Dream Up is the new BNP Paribas Foundation educational programme by the artistic practice. 30,000 children in unstable situation or of disability will profit from it in 26 countries. Today here is Dream Up in India with the programme Discover Music

It is rightly said that music gives a soul to the universe, flight to imagination and life to everything around us. On 21st October, music also brought smiles and abundant happiness to the children of Aseema’s Pali Chimbai Municipal School.

Members of the Australian World Orchestra, comprising stellar musicians spent a morning with the children as a part of their tour in India. The visit was organized by the Mehli Mehta Music Foundation and saw participation from over 200 children who benefit from the Discover Music programme, our Dream Up initiative in India.

Children thoroughly enjoyed learning about Western Classical instruments like the clarinet, violin and trombone. They enthusiastically joined the musicians in emulating melodic patterns and sequences. This was followed by a short, interactive performance in a narrative style, wherein through a unique blend of music, story-telling and props, the Orchestra essayed the story of "Rama" and "Sita", from India’s timeless epic, "Ramayana". The performance was enjoyed by the children and teachers alike. 

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