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Body and Soul: the new creation of Crystal Pite for the 350th anniversary of the Paris Opera

As a patron of contemporary dance since 1984, the BNP Paribas Foundation defends the arts by supporting choreographers who explore new realms of expression. In line with this philosophy, the Foundation supports Crystal Pite, artistic director of the Kidd Pivot company and a major figure of the contemporary dance scene. When the Paris Opera commissioned a world premiere from Crystal Pite to feature as part of its 350th anniversary, the BNP Paribas Foundation naturally supported the initiative.

Crystal Pite with the Paris Opera Ballet

Acclaimed for her ability to write pieces for a large number of dancers, Crystal Pite has once again succeeded in creating a ballet for 36 dancers that immerses us with force and virtuosity in the chosen theme: duality, especially separation versus connection. This compelling work reflects our contradictory desires as human beings: the will to exist as individuals with all our uniqueness while clamouring to belong to a community, a group, or society. 

The poignant narrative, brought to life through sound effects and recorded voice, amplifies the movements of the dancers as they transform into characters with whom we readily identify.

"It’s unity, however, that I'm really looking for. Everything I do stems from a desire to connect with people, and to connect people with each other.” 

Crystal Pite, choreographer.

Everything I do stems from a desire to connect with people, and to connect people with each other.

Interview with Crystal Pite

Body and Soul, a creation of Crystal Pite for the Paris Opera's 350th anniversary

Long-term support

The BNP Paribas Foundation’s determination to support contemporary creation in the field of the performing arts is reflected in the attentive, personalised support it delivers to choreographers in the development of their projects and companies. 

Truly in line with its corporate philanthropy, the Foundation’s partnership approach is to commit to the long run since it aims to provide artists with the time and freedom they need: essential conditions for artistic creation. 

The Foundation supports five cultural institutions and some fifteen companies over the long term, including the Kidd Pivot company directed by choreographer Crystal Pite. This artist, who dares to experiment, to blend dance and theatre into her shows and who measures herself to world-class ballet companies, convinced the Foundation to support her in 2018. 

Body and Soul


On the occasion of the 350th anniversary of the Paris Opera Ballet, discover Body and Soul, Crystal Pite's new piece.


Photos ©BNP Paribas Foundation

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