Last August, Greece was ravaged by fires that claimed over 60 victims, mainly in the Peloponnese area and on the island of Evia. In the face of this human, economic and ecological disaster, BNP Paribas Greece immediately responded. Following a call for donations on Echo'Net, the Athens branch collected 95.000 from local and Group staff, and contributions from divisions and subsidiaries present in Greece.

Some of these donations were put into a fund created by the Ministry of the Economy and Finance for the rebuilding of homes destroyed during the fires. A donation was also made to the Greek Red Cross in order to assist people who lost everything in the disaster. In addition, BNP Paribas Greece contributed to the refurbishing of a destroyed nursery and provided assistance to 50 farmers who were victims of the fires. BNP Paribas Greece now plans to participate in a reforestation programme, launched jointly by the Greek and French Ministries of the Environment.

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