The year 2009 has been announced the "French Year" in Brazil, also called "Franç". Many economic, scientific and cultural events are taking place between 21 April and 15 November 2009 throughout all the major cities in Brazil, presenting a broad panoramic view of modern-day France.

As the leading French bank in Brazil, BNP Paribas – via its Foundation in São Paulo – has naturally taken great interest in this event and has decided to sponsor the Georges Momboye Dance Company.

This internationally renowned French Company has been supported by BNP Paribas Foundation in Paris for more than three years now. Georges Momboye's work is a fusion of traditional African dance and established contemporary aesthetics.
On June 23th and 26th, Georges Momboye Dance Company went on stage with a show entitled "Boyakodah". The performance was greatly appreciated by the Brazilian public, who were moved by this modern reference to their African roots.

In the framework of its corporate social responsibility program, BNP Paribas sponsored this event, striving to promote cooperation, diversity and creativity. A poignant example of this can be seen in the unanimity between the two BNP Paribas foundations to support these artists.

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