Firmly convinced of the importance of supporting socially beneficial projects, and closely attentive to the social and cultural environment, the BNP Paribas foundation has supported 76 new associations since the start of the year via the programmes “Coup de Pouce aux projets du personnel” and “Projet Banlieues”.

Coup de Pouce 2010: paying tribute to the group's staff

Encouraging the group's partners to get involved in social initiatives – that is the aim of the “Coup de Pouce” programme, which has been a resounding success since its launch in 2003.

This is confirmed by the record in the first half of 2010, which has been rich in positive social initiatives. The first two sessions of 2010 have enabled 43 projects, initiated by staff in all divisions of the bank, to be retained. These will be funded to the tune of EUR 125,000, to implement measures for the common good, in France and abroad.

To find out more, see all the associations supported during the first six months of 2010 as well as the Livre Coup de Pouce - Des salariés s'engagent, available in electronic form (only in French) (only in French)

Projet Banlieues – a firm and lasting commitment

The first two committees of the “Projet banlieues”, working closely with the retail bank, were able to fund positive initiatives in the relevant areas of the départements covered by the programme (06 - 27 - 31 - 69 - 76 - 91 – 93 – 13 – 67 – 44 – 95 – 59).

In total, 33 associations were funded out of the 47 applications submitted by group directors, local representatives of the programme. The successful associations were funded to the tune of EUR 123,000 in total, with individual subsidies ranging from EUR 1,500 to EUR 10,000. These projects, essentially, support education and training for disadvantaged young people, as well as working to promote social integration through culture.

To find out more, see all the associations supported in 2010 (only in French)

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