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The banking jobs: Cash Management

Diane Monfort
Diane Monfort
Cash Management

Cash management, a key business facilitator. It’s little known to the general public, but cash management nevertheless plays a major role within banks and companies: it guarantees clients the necessary cash flow for their business to run smoothly. From cash optimization to managing payment methods and more, discover how cash management works with Diane Monfort, cash management expert and head of the special servicing and implementation team for Belgium at BNP Paribas Fortis.

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What is cash management?

The old saying that "cash is king" is especially apt in the case of companies and banks. In order to function, a company must be able to manage its payment methods and needs, so it doesn’t default on its payments. Cash management solutions are aimed at helping companies with this major challenge. Cash pooling, global electronic payment channels, payment terminals, e-commerce and money transfers are all necessary: if transactions are blocked, the economy will suffer. We’re in this business to help prevent that.

Has the activity changed much since you joined the department in 2002?

Yes, a lot. When I arrived, we only had two cash management products. Today our portfolio includes 70 products, including many efficient digital tools. In addition to the performance of our teams, our business has grown because it has established itself as a loyalty driver: if we meet our clients’ needs and they are satisfied with our services, the chances are they will stay with us !

What qualities are needed to succeed in this job?

For me there are two main qualities: technical skills and analytical thinking. 

Technical skills, because cash management operations are complex and sometimes urgent, especially when companies are established internationally, and exchanges must take all local regulations into account. It is therefore necessary to remain persistent and positive throughout the process. Analytical thinking, because it is necessary to have a detailed understanding of each client’s problems. The ability to build strong customer relations is also fundamental, because our business is based on a guarantee of trust. 

For me there are two main qualities: technical skills and analytical thinking. 

How do you explain the success of BNP Paribas’ cash management offer?

In my opinion, our greatest strength lies in sharing the same corporate culture. This allows us to accompany clients in each of their domestic markets in the same way, with the same commitment, even though the geographical office is not the same. We have also reinforced the consistency of our offer and quality of service throughout the world – we are present in 55 countries by creating the Cash Management Competence Center, which facilitates exchanges and resource sharing between employees on a global scale.

Do you have a sense of how useful you are for businesses?

Absolutely. Our impact is obvious and it’s a rewarding part of our business. The context of the Covid-19 crisis underlines even more strongly the importance of our business. For example, at the end of March, we contacted all our clients in Belgium to ensure that they had the means to meet their obligations remotely, especially in terms of paying employees. This helps avoid an economic and social disaster.

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