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Last update 29.01.2024

You will be joining the Java development team working for BNP Paribas’s entity in Belgium and you will be assigned in an Agile team that will work on a platform which consists of microservices that cover personal finance business flows used by the bank.

Key Responsibilities:

  • You will be working on moving legacy services to microservices (the new functionalities are developed in microservices) with the aim of installing the microservices on cloud
  • You help the Software Engineering Manager defining the development strategy and provide robust and reliable estimation for work packages to develop (cost, schedule) and assessment of technical risks
  • You develop and unit test Java-based software components
  • You participate, peer and engineering reviews
  • You participate, when needed, in higher-level testing (integration, verification, validation)
  • You coordinate and debug the resolution of technical issues and analyze root cause of problems
  • You actively help the Head of Software defining the technological and organizational orientations for the department, and play a key role in the technology watch process (identify, evaluate and recommend new technologies/processes/tools)

What we are looking for:

  • You want to get involved in a company project strongly oriented towards collaboration and self-management
  • You will be able to work autonomously

You have experience in most of the following technical areas:

• Java (11+)

• Good understanding and Experience on DDD (Domain Driven Design) with CQRS

• Deep understanding of object-oriented programming

• You know software engineering fundamentals and best practices, and apply them: object-orientation, SOLID principles, design patterns, unit testing/mocks, continuous integration, code versioning (Git), Agile


• Thorough knowledge of Spring ecosystem (Sprint Boot, Spring Batch, Spring Security, Spring Data)

• JPA (Hibernate)

• Maven

• DB / SQL

• Code benchmarking and performance optimization

• Good Understanding and Experience on Kafka, ELK(Elastic Search, Logstash and Kibana)

• Follow Clean code standards using SonarQube and resolve Vulnerabilities using IQ Nexus

Knowledge in the following technologies is a plus:

  • Containers (Docker, Kubernetes)
  • Cloud technologies
  • Linux
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