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BNL Launches "Hello bank!"

The Digital Bank of BNP Paribas Group; Simple, Smart, Human, Safe

-> A new banking model for the digital generation

-> Hello bank! is a new initiative of the BNP Paribas Groups, launched a few months ago in France, Belgium and Germany

-> On the back of the success of EduCare, BNL will offer "Hello Talk!", a new "educational" seminar for discussion and analysis of current developments and socio-economic trends: the first event is dedicated to the "No Cash Society", with Fabio Gallia, Jeremy Rifkin and Anna Maria Lusardi, and will take place tomorrow at the Triennale di Milano

Hello bank! is the 100% mobile digital bank successfully launched a few months ago by the BNP Paribas Group in France, Belgium and Germany. The addition of Italy will expand its European dimension, increasing its number of operations in the Group's "domestic markets", which are increasingly integrated and where the aim is to promote a new way not only of "doing" banking but of "being" a bank, in line with the innovations that digital technology is introducing into international banking services.

Hello bank! is a new approach aimed at the digital generation, customers with "digital DNA", the early adopters with a passion for technological innovation, who prefer to use mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets for many of their everyday activities: from news to weather, from sport to nutrition, from learning to reading, from choosing a film to booking a flight or hotel, and so on. Hello bank! customers want to interact with their bank using dedicated apps, and for more complex needs, such as advisory services, look for extended-hours access to their account manager by video call, online chat or phone.

"Mobile, just like you" is the slogan that was chosen for the European launch of Hello bank!, to highlight the freedom of access to banking services at the touch of a button, deciding "where", "when" and "how" to use them.

According to Fabio Gallia, CEO of BNL and Head of BNP Paribas in Italy: "Hello bank! Demonstrates our ability to introduce constant innovation into our banking activities. To play its role effectively in this environment of rapid technological change, a bank must keep abreast of the changing habits of its customers, who want a relationship with their bank that is immediate, direct and always available. Hello bank! is the solution devised by BNL and BNP Paribas to meet these needs, and is part of the broader strategy of a group that is in a position to offer expertise, products and service models designed for different customer profiles in an integrated way."

Hello bank! retains all the specific characteristics of the BNP Paribas Group: strength, efficiency, quality and security. In designing the profile for Italy, we drew on the experience and knowledge built up by BNL over 100 years of supporting the country's economic and social development.

Hello bank! is essentially "simple", thanks to straightforward language, applications and intuitive functions that are easy to use. It is "smart" – a bank that is "mobile, just like you" and offers always-on services that are accessible anywhere from a smartphone or tablet. It is "human", because it is manned by a team of experts who can meet the diverse needs of every customer. Lastly, Hello bank! is "safe": it offers a high level of security and expertise for the management of savings and investments based on the experience of BNL and the BNP Paribas Group. Hello bank! is, above all, a bank that saves time.

Becoming a customer of Hello bank! gives access to "Hello Money!": a fee-free current account with an interest rate of up to 2%, paid quarterly, that comes with an Amazon voucher for €100. The package also includes:
"Hello Saving!", a "digital piggybank" where savings for small personal projects can be held, with the option to receive contributions from friends and family members through social networks.
"Hello Personal!", a personal budgeting tool that as well as providing a detailed view of the individual's financial situation, can be used to organise and rationalise debits and credits automatically, acting as a "virtual advisor".

To coincide with the launch of Hello bank!, BNL decided to hold a series of educational seminars to raise people's awareness of the digital era and make them feel part of it.

The first event will be held tomorrow, 8 November, at the Triennale di Milano, from 10.30: Fabio Gallia, CEO of BNL, will participate in a debate – in talk show format, hosted by Andrea Pezzi – with the economists Jeremy Rifkin and Anna Maria Lusardi. This will be an important opportunity to discuss the themes of the "No Cash Society", such as the function of money in a modern society and the gradual disappearance of paper money, the importance of greater access to financial training and the arrival of digital banking.

The debate will be streamed live on the YouTube homepage and on a number of leading news websites. Over the course of the day, the most significant moments will be posted on the YouTube homepage and on the BNL channels

The event is part of BNL's commitment to culturei.e. as a contributory factor to the growth and development of the individual and society – and based on the experience and success of "EduCare", an initiative through which the bank has held around 3,000 events throughout Italy since 2008, involving around 50,000 people and 4,000 firms in dozens of Italian cities.

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