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Arval continues to expand in 2011

In 2011, Arval BNP Paribas Group presented a significant increase in terms of activity. This is the result of a winning growth strategy, the healthy state of Arval's most recently established subsidiaries, and backing from BNP Paribas. In 2012, Arval will continue to focus on the quality of its service and the added value it brings to customers.

Despite difficult economic conditions, especially in Europe, Arval's leased fleet of 687,000 vehicles continued to progress in 2011 (3% up from 2010), supported by the thriving activity of its recently established subsidiaries.

Vehicle purchases slightly exceeded the previous record achieved in 2008, with 210,700 units. The number of vehicles sold (191,000) showed strong growth, up 28% compared to the previous year. “Despite economic upheavals in Europe, the impact of the tsunami and the Fukushima disaster in Japan on the delivery times of new vehicles in particular, as well as the significant slowdown in prices on the second-hand car market in the last quarter, Arval met its goals in terms of growth as well as profitability,” says Arval CEO Philippe Bismut.

A growth strategy that bore fruit in 2011

In May 2011,Arval Germany's purchase of Commerz Real Autoleasing GmbH, the former full-service leasing subsidiary of Commerz Real Mobilienleasing GmbH, brought the leased fleet up to a total of 30,283 vehicles, up 44% from 2010. In addition, recently established subsidiaries now contribute significantly to the growth of Arval's fleet, adding more than 6,000 vehicles to the company's overall fleet in 2011. Leased fleets for instance increased by 36% in both Brazil and India, and 50% in Turkey.

In 2012, Arval is expanding its frontiers, consolidating its offer for SMEs, and betting on service quality

Arval is continuing its international development policy. In January, the group announced the opening of a subsidiary in Denmark. The first step in a broader plan to get established in Scandinavian countries, this consolidates and reinforces Arval's global presence in Europe, with Denmark becoming Arval's 19th subsidiary on the continent. “I am happy to announce that our presence in Scandinavia will be reinforced by a subsidiary in Finland, which will be operational within the next few months. Of course, Arval will also continue to consolidate its new subsidiaries particularly in BRIT (Brazil, Russia, India and Turkey), where full-service leasing is currently booming,” explains Philippe Bismut.

Arval also wants to expand its market frontiers by strengthening its arrangement for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Europe by means of a multichannel offer that associates car manufacturers, brokers, dealers and retail banking networks, in particular those of BNP Paribas.

“In 2012, we want first of all to consolidate our bases, focus on our customers, and continue to bring them more service quality. We do not want to be just a ‘corporate vehicle provider in full-service leasing'. Our service, our consulting capacity, our expert knowledge of the market mean that each of our customers knows what added value they can expect from working with Arval,” Philippe Bismut concludes.