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“Perspectives” on climate and energy transition: what do the experts say?

Climate, energy and financing were all top issues at the most recent COP 27, which once again confirmed that private actors – especially financial institutions like BNP Paribas – will have an important role to play in supporting the just transition. To take closer look at these topics, the latest issue of “Perspectives” brings together experts from each field to share their thoughts.

A publication centered on climate and energy transition

In this edition:

  • “The economic roadmap has to be more sustainable, resilient and inclusive”, by Bertrand Badré, Managing Partner and Founder of Blue like an Orange Capital. Previously Managing Director of the World Bank and World Bank Group CFO;
  • “The transition to a sustainable economy also involves a regulatory transition”, by Laurence Thébault, Global Manager of LEGAL Regulatory and Leader of the CSR & Sustainable Finance Practice at BNP Paribas;
  • “Green hydrogen, a major challenge for Europe”, by Romain Talagrand, Global Head of Hydrogen, Low-Carbon Transition Group at BNP Paribas;
  • “The challenges of fleet electrification”, by Yaël Bennathan, International Head of Arval Mobility Observatory;
  • “Making the just transition the new normal for business”, by Jan Noterdaeme, Senior Advisor at CSR Europe, and Emanuela Pisanò, Project Manager at CSR Europe.

And much more!

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3 key figures on climate and energy transition from the issue:  


of the anthropogenic CO2 emissions between 1850 and 2019 came from North America.


date where bioenergy power generation could provide between 2% to 3% of global energy.


of total energy sector CO2 emissions come from steel manufacturing.

Who is behind “Perspectives”?

“Perspectives” is a quarterly publication dedicated to themes around ESG and developed by the Network of Experts in Sustainability Transitions (NEST) Coordinating Team. This internal network brings together over 500 sustainable finance experts from all BNP Paribas business lines and functions, by pooling their expertise to support the transition of Group clients. 

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