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Discover the Group’s 2023 Integrated Report

The BNP Paribas 2023 Integrated Report has just been published. It reflects our vision of a “positive future” and highlights our capacity to build this future together with our customers, our partners and our employees.

Our strategic plan’s progress in 2023

Throughout 2023, the Group continued and amplified the momentum initiated in 2022, with the launch of its GTS 2025 strategic plan, which is based on three pillars: profitable growth (“Growth”), optimising the customer and employee experience (“Technology”) and scaling up sustainable finance (“Sustainability”).

Despite a complex economic, social and climate context, we have been mobilised alongside all our stakeholders to support them in their projects and their transition to a low-carbon economy. Confident and determined in our ability to build a positive future, we work alongside you every day to achieve it.

In our 2023 Integrated Report, you will learn about our strategy, our priorities and the recent progress made in rolling out our GTS 2025 plan. This edition also details the commitments and numerous actions carried out by the Group to contribute to a more sustainable economy, everywhere it operates.

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A key source of information

In addition to the 2023 Universal Registration Document and Annual Financial Report, our Integrated Report is a key source of information about the BNP Paribas Group.

It is available, in both French and English, on our Publications page and on the investors' website.

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