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CES 2022: mobility, smart home & e- health get even more sustainable

For its 55th edition, the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) once again brings in person to Las Vegas thousands of exhibitors, buyers, journalists and electronics and technology professionals. The show highlights green and smart technologies that allow people to live better.

The future of transport: more software, electricity and autonomy

In Tesla's footsteps, automakers are making software a top priority and want to design cars as innovation platforms open to developers using newly generated data.New players are taking an increasingly important place in the value chain, like the manufacturer of electronic components Qualcomm, which unveiled a software platform offer called "digital chassis" with around forty partners such as Renault and Volvo.

AWS and Stellantis also announced during the show a new structuring partnership, in particular in terms of cloud and intelligent interior.Several electronics giants are looking closely at becoming a manufacturer like Sony, which wants to start its own automotive division to launch its own SUV called Vision S-O2 like Xiaomi did last September. Their ultimate goal is to sell, in the form of a subscription, a maximum of services and even the cities of tomorrow!

Beyond cars, all vehicles are electrifying, such as the new pick-up trucks presented by General Motors during its keynote or the T7X construction machine by Doosan Bobcat, announced as a world premiere during the show. Finally, autonomous vehicles arrive faster than we think in different sectors like in agriculture, with the first autonomous series tractor unveiled by John Deere following the acquisitions of two startups in the industry or the autonomous delivery vehicle of Udelv in partnership with Intel / Mobileye for 2023.

Smart home takes shape at CES 2022

Connected home players are coming together to create a shared ecosystem, like Samsung, Haier, and Electrolux, who launched the Home Connectivity Alliance. This association aims to allow interoperability between the products of these different manufacturers. The goal is simple: to make life easier for consumers. The long-awaited real democratization of the connected home goes through the simplicity of installations and daily uses. This announcement should therefore accelerate the adoption of these solutions.

After the kitchen, the living room, and the bathroom, it should be noted during this 2022 edition the multiplication of connected beds and other sensors to analyze and optimize sleep.

>Hyundai vision « expanding human reach » presented during the CES 

Prevention, a flagship theme of connected health

Connected health has been one of the key topics of CES for several years, but it has found an even more special place since the pandemic. We saw the demonstration of disinfection robots and other contactless innovations such as elevator buttons.

Withings is taking the opportunity to announce its following connected scale incorporating new features, including measuring nerve activity to detect certain neuropathies.

Sengled has announced its connected and smart bulb, which can measure heartbeats, vital signs, and even the detection of a person's fall, among other things. 

Finally, the M2Test Italian startup, partner of BNP Paribas Cardif, presents its innovation to measure bone health, detect cases of osteoporosis and prevent the risk of fractures. Connected health, therefore, makes it possible to democratize access to state-of-the-art care.

Content written by our local experts & correspondents: :
Matthieu Soulé & Arnaud Auger from BNP Paribas C.Lab Americas, US correspondents of Cardif Lab .
Nicolas Diacono and Guillaume Rio from l'Echangeur BNP Paribas Personal Finance and Flavien Neuvy from l'Observatoire Cetelem.

Photos credits: C Lab Americas, L'Echangeur BNP Paribas Personal Finance, @tippapatt.

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