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Supporting scientific research on climate change & biodiversity

Droughts, heat waves, extreme weather events, melting glaciers and rising sea levels: climate change is undeniably one of the greatest challenges of our times. That is why the BNP Paribas Foundation has been funding research on climate change since 2010, through an international philanthropy program. With a total budget of €6-million, the program involves a call for projects every three years and a rigorous selection process conducted by leading figures in their fields of research.

Climate change is also a major driver of biodiversity erosion, threatening the natural development of all our planet’s ecosystems, as 11 of the 18 projects funded by the Foundation attest. Armed with that knowledge, the program is now called “Climate & Biodiversity Initiative”.

In 2019 a new call for projects was launched in Europe in order to select research projects that better our understanding of climate and biodiversity interactions and their impact on society. Discover the laureates of the 2019 call for projects

The Climate & Biodiversity Initiative program since 2010




Eur budget

400 000


Why a Climate Initiative programme? 

Increasing knowledge about interactions between climate and biodiversity, about climate system dysfunction and evaluating the consequences on our environment and societies, allow all the players to change their behaviour. To reach that goal, the BNP Paribas Foundation accompanies international research teams studying past climates, ocean acidification or permafrost thaw.

Climate & Biodiversity Initiative also raises citizens’ awareness of climate change and biodiversity issues through conferences, exhibitions and other public events the Foundation organizes. It participates in leading a community of citizens who are increasingly responsible and ready to act, making well-informed choices with help from scientists.  


"These research projects aren’t just an intellectual exercise,” says Philippe Gillet, who chairs the Scientific committee of the Climate & Biodiversity Initiative program. “They’re also a responsible approach. The projects selected must meet citizens’ expectations. They must also open the door to solutions and political decisions."

BNP Paribas’s environmental commitment

BNP Paribas believes that the attenuation of climate change is a priority. Its commitment therefore goes beyond the Climate Initiative programme, with three focal points.

  • Supporting our clients in the transition towards a low-carbon economy
  • Reducing the environmental footprint of our own business
  • Building knowledge and sharing environmental best practices
Our environmental commitments

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