You can find documents related to EU Sustainable Finance Disclosures here.

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Any information and documents relevant to the Know Your Client process are available via the SWIFT KYC Registry, of which BNP Paribas is an active user and contributor. We encourage third-party banks looking for BNP Paribas due diligence information to use this utility first. To learn about and register, please visit the SWIFT KYC Registry.



Patriot Act

"According to its policy regarding the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism, BNP Paribas, like all foreign banks, have corresponding  banks in the U.S and therefor must fulfill the certificate Patriot Act, plublished by the U.S Department of Treasury.As authorized by the American law, BNP Paribas Group wrote a global certification for BNP Paribas SA and its branches, as well as specific certifications for each subsidiary concerned."






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