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TEB (BNP Paribas Group) is celebrating its 80th anniversary by supporting a major educational project in Turkey

Türk Ekonomi Bankasý (TEB), one of the leading banking institutions in Turkey, is celebrating its 80th anniversary by supporting education, which is a major issue in Turkey.

TEB, which rapidly expanded all its operations after joining the BNP Paribas group, is making a commitment to play an active role in the community through its “Girls' educational program”. This project was initially planned to give 800 adolescents the opportunity to continue their education for three years, thanks to the financial support provided by TEB, its employees and the BNP Paribas group to the association CYDD whose aim is to improve the quality of life. The general enthusiasm has surpassed expectations, since the sums collected in less than six months will now give 1,250 girls the benefits of this education program.

This educational program is a continuation of the social responsibility values of the BNP Paribas group. Whether through the Banlieues Project in France, Operation Hope in the United States, school support in the United Kingdom or the microfinance project in the emerging countries, BNP Paribas has been supporting education, integration and employment for many years in many countries.

Building on 80 years of experience, TEB is now, more than ever, driven by a spirit of innovation and the vitality of youth. The strategic partnership developed at the end of 2004 with BNP Paribas (which holds 50% of the capital of the holding company TEB Mali) has given it the resources to expand rapidly in its territory. In three years, its network of agencies has grown from 87 to 244 (at 1 September 2007), and the number of employees has risen from 2,000 to 4,600 during the same period. TEB is present in most of the major Turkish cities, which represent a coverage of 98% of the Turkish GNP. The bank is already planning to expand into neighbouring countries and has just opened three branches in Cyprus. The bank has already deployed Turkish desks in Algeria, Egypt, Ukraine, and in Russia. Its Small Business Academy concept has been extremely successful and has just been repeated by BNP Paribas in Algeria.