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Pierre de Pellegars is appointed manager of Wealth Management department of BNP Paribas Private Banking

Pierre de Pellegars has been appointed head of the Wealth Management department within BNP Paribas Private Banking. He is a member of the management committee and reports to the manager of Private Banking in France; his mandate will be to expand the large French clients: managing shareholders, controlling executives, first-generation entrepreneurs … As the head of a team of 40 Wealth Management Private Bankers based in Paris who work in coordination with 12 Family Shareholder Private Bankers, expanding the managing shareholder clients regionally, he will manage their activity while strengthening the ties between Wealth Management and all the business lines of BNP Paribas. Supported by teams of experts and in collaboration with the offering teams, he will continue to enrich the range of skills available to Wealth Management clients.

“By appointing Pierre de Pellegars head of the Wealth Management department of Private Banking in France, we will put a banker and an experienced manager to work for our largest clients. His knowledge of the group and his experience with large private clients will give Wealth Management of BNP Paribas in France the opportunity for new growth” says Alain Papiasse, head of Asset Management and Services core business.

A graduate of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Ingénieurs in Caen, Pierre de Pellegars began his career in 1989 at BNP in the branch network. Two years later, he joined the Inspection Générale. Later he became manager of private and business clients in Guadeloupe, and then became manager of business clients in Marne la Vallée. In 2001, he
was appointed manager of the BNP Paribas Aveyron-Lot group of branches. Since 2003, he has been manager of the BNP Paribas Monaco territory.

In January 2008, he will succeed Etienne Barel, who joins Corporate and Investment Banking teams of BNP Paribas.

The leading private bank in France and a partner of companies and large private investors for more than a century, BNP Paribas has devised the most powerful “wealth management” system in the French market, with 12 billion euros in assets under management. The Wealth Management department is able to meet virtually all the expectations of very demanding clients by placing at their disposal broad offerings in open architecture and a package of family office services.

About BNP Paribas Private Banking
· The foremost private bank in France, it manages more than 60 billion euros on behalf of 110,000 clients. Serving all affluent or wealthy clients, Private Banking supports traditional families as well as first-generation entrepreneurs, family-member managing shareholders, and employee members of the management committees of companies listed on the CAC 40 index or stock option executives. Private Banking offers them truly personalized solutions, worked out thorough an in-depth analysis of their assets and an attentive ear to their plans and expectations.
· Within the Private Banking Centres (200 locations in France), the 950 Wealth Management Advisors devote themselves to clients who have a net worth greater than 200,000 euros. Through close cooperation with the teams of specialists, they provide financial as well as tax-related advice and go over with them the best investment and financing solutions to be implemented to build durable assets.
· The Wealth Management department advises and supports, in a
“family office” spirit, clients whose net worth is higher than 5 million euros. Rich in high-level expertise in the financial field and in asset engineering, it also serves top executives and entrepreneurs who seek sophisticated technical solutions and an open-architecture philosophy.