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Paribas: Meeting of the Supervisory Board on August 25 1999

The Supervisory Board of Paribas, chaired by Michel François-Poncet, met on August 25, 1999.

At the meeting, the Board was informed of the departure of André Lévy-Lang from his position as Chairman of Paribas' Executive Board.

The Board unanimously expressed its recognition of the quality of André Lévy-Lang's contribution to Paribas' growth during his twenty five years with the Paribas Group and in particular during his nine years as Chairman of the Executive Board. The Supervisory Board reaffirmed its appreciation for the high level of targets met and the excellent results achieved, as well as for the current situation and outlook for Paribas at the time of its integration with BNP.

The Supervisory Board appointed Michel Pébereau, Chairman and CEO of BNP, as André Lévy-Lang's successor as Chairman of Paribas' Executive Board.

Michel Pébereau joined the Board in its appreciation of André Lévy-Lang's achievements. With respect to the integration of the two banks, Michel Pébereau stated his intention to extend the development of the Paribas Group's businesses, based on the top quality of its teams.

The Board was also informed of the resignation of two members - Daniel Bouton and Ernest Antoine-Seillière, who were co-opted in the context of the SG-Paribas project. A new member was co-opted: Jean-René Fourtou, Chairmamn of Rhône Poulenc.