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Major media campaign to promote Internet banking services in France

BNP-Paribas Group is France's leading provider of Internet banking and stock market services.

The Group's Cortal subsidiary is the number one in Internet brokerage in France with 51,000 online clients while Banque Directe handles 52 percent of the contacts with its 65,000 clients via the Internet.

BNP's retail network has already signed up 120,000 subscribers for its BNP Net service. This ranks BNP number one among French banks that make it possible for clients to carry out the majority of their banking transactions on the Internet.

BNP Net will sharpen its leadership with a massive advertising campaign set for launch on February 7. The campaign, created by Euro RSCG BETC, aims to increase usage by current online clients of BNP while winning over new clients to the many benefits of Internet banking.

The campaign comprises:
- two 30-second radio spots to begin airing on February 7,
- a major display campaign, to debut on February 14,
- a print campaign, with inserts in national dailies and magazines,
- banner ads on top financial websites,
- and sponsoring by BNP Net of the popular "René et Monsieur Jacques" sketches on Europe 1 radio.

The campaign slogan is "La Banque sur Internet, c'est BNP Net!"

The agency has created three different ads for the display and print campaign. A generic ad underscores BNP's role as a trailblazer in Internet banking while the other two spotlight the key customer benefits of the BNP Net solution:
- "BNP Net delivers the stock market right to your home."
- "BNP Net. At last a bank that executes your orders immediately."

The ads feature the 3D graphics already displayed outside BNP branches across the country and used in previous print campaigns. They successfully employ a humorous touch to establish BNP Net as the resolutely contemporary and distinctive Internet banking service.