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Leading on-line financial institutions and mobile phone manufacturers form Mobey Forum to drive mobile financial services

Major financial institutions, together with the leading mobile phone manufacturers, today announced the creation of a global forum to encourage the use of mobile technology in financial services and to drive the adoption of open standards in this field.

Called the Mobey Forum (pronounced Mo-Bay) to reflect the concepts of mobility, money and financial services, the new group will focus on services such as payment, remote banking and brokerage.

The Mobey Forum brings together the substantial expertise of the world's leading on-line financial institutions and the leading companies in mobile Internet technologies such as Wireless Application Protocol (WAP). The Forum's founding members are ABN AMRO Bank, Banco Santander Central Hispano, BNP Paribas, Barclays, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, HSBC Holdings, MeritaNordbanken, SEB-Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken, UBS, Visa International, Ericsson, Motorola and Nokia. Other financial institutions and mobile phone technology companies are also encouraged to join the Forum.

"It is highly gratifying that the leading on-line financial institutions and mobile technology companies will work together to promote global standardisation enabling safe, wireless day-to-day shopping and banking business anywhere in the world", said Bo Harald, Executive Vice President of MeritaNordbanken and the Forum's first chairman, at the founders' meeting in Frankfurt.

The Mobey Forum will actively liaise between various standardisation groups both in the mobile and financial industries. In addition, working groups within the Forum will contribute to achieve technical and security interoperability of the mobile financial services. Through active discussion and experience sharing as well as the promotion of best practices, the Mobey Forum will facilitate the worldwide creation of a financial service environment for mobile e-commerce. This environment will allow new sustainable mobile commerce business models.

The leading mobile phone manufacturers, Ericsson, Motorola and Nokia, acknowledge that the Mobey Forum will play a valuable part in the development of onlines wireless financial services. The recently announced mobile electronic transactions initiative (MeT) between the three leading phone manufacturers will support development in this crucial area of m-commerce.
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ABN-Amro Bank
Véronique Schyns
tel: +31 20 383 4483
fax: +31 20 629 5486

Banco Santander Central Hispano
Myriam Gomez (mgoperez [at] grupo.bsch (dot) es)
tel. +34915581098

BNP Paribas
Dominique Rault (dominique.rault [at] bnpgroup (dot) com)
tel. +33 1 40 14 65 16
fax +33 1 42 98 04 33

Barclays Bank
Jo Wright (jo.wright [at] (dot) uk)
tel: 020 7 977 4298
fax: 020 7 977 4665

Nina Das (nina.das [at] citicorp (dot) com)

Hilary Condit (hilary.condit [at] citicorp (dot) com)

Deutsche Bank
Klaus Thoma (klaus.thoma [at] db (dot) com)
tel.: +49 / 69 / 910-33405
fax: +49 / 69 / 910-33422

Adrian Russell (adrianrussell [at] hsbc (dot) com)
tel: +44 20 7260 8211
fax: +44 20 7260 8215

Liisa Laine (liisa.laine [at] merita (dot) fi)
tel. +358 9 165 42655, mobile +358 50 66839

Lauri Peltola (lauri.peltola [at] merita (dot) fi)
tel. +358 9 165 42324

Erik Evrén (erik.evren [at] nb (dot) se)
tel. +46 8 614 86 11

SE Banken
Anders Bons (anders.bons [at] sebank (dot) se)

Public Relations
Malzgasse 30, CH-4002 Basel
tel. +41-61-288 65 95

Visa EU
Sally Locke (lockes [at] visa (dot) com)
Tel: +44 207 795 5303

Viveka Leksell (viveka.leksell [at] (dot) se)
tel. + 46 8 422 21 80, mobile + 46 70 66 16 986
fax + 46 8 422 21 90

Maarit Oikarinen (maarit.oikarinen [at] nokia (dot) com)
tel. +358 40 5217844