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Jean Clamon succeeds Bernard Müller as Head of Specialized Financial Services at BNP Paribas

Bernard Müller, head of the Specialized Financial Services Division of BNP Paribas, has decided to leave BNP Paribas to take up projects of a personal nature. This departure is the result of a decision made a long time ago and postponed several times because of the events gone though by Compagnie Bancaire and Paribas in recent years.

In August 1999, Bernard Müller postponed his departure again, at Michel Pébereau's request, and accepted to head, for about a year, the task of setting up the Specialized Financial Services Division and integrating it into the new group. This mission has now been accomplished for the most part, and Bernard Müller has decided to devote his time to his own projects that are in a field without any links to the financial sector.

Jean Clamon is to take over as head of Specialized Financial Services as from next October: he is taking charge of an important Division within the group, which is a source of growth, of value, of image and of good prospects.

Philippe Bordenave will replace Jean Clamon as Group Chief Financial Officer.

Jean Clamon
Born in 1952, with a diploma in Engineering from the Ecole Centrale de Paris, Jean Clamon arrived at Paribas in 1976, and spent most of his career in Group Management, of which he was head until July 1994. He then moved to head the Finance, IT, Organization, Operations and Logistics Department. He became a member of the Management Board of Paribas in February 1997. In 1998, he was appointed to the Executive Committee of Paribas, as a Financial Director and IT Supervisor. In September 1999, he became a member of the Executive Committee of BNP Paribas, Financial Director.

Philippe Bordenave
Born in 1954, Philippe Bordenave graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique and the Ecole Nationale d'Administration in Paris.
After holding a number of positions in the French Treasury, he joined BNP in 1985, where he was a key player in the development of financial market activities.

He was Head of the BNP Paris Dealing Room from 1987 to 1992.
In 1993, Mr Bordenave was appointed Head of Global Markets at BNP. In this role, he negotiated the acquisition of the Cooper Neff group, a U.S. based investment boutique specializing in financial derivatives and quantitative portfolio management. This strategic initiative gave BNP a decisive push worldwide in these areas.
In 1998, Mr Bordenave was appointed Chief Financial Officer of the Group.
Since the merger of BNP and Paribas, he has been Vice CFO of the BNP Paribas Group.