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Frédéric Lavenir to become new Group Head of HR / Bernard Lemée will be appointed advisor to the senior management

Frédéric Lavenir, currently CEO of BNP Paribas Lease Group, will succeed Bernard Lemée as the Group's Head of Human Resources and as a member of the Executive Committee with effect from the 1st January 2007.

On this date, Bernard Lemée will become an advisor to the senior management, where he will be given responsibility for transversal projects by either the Chairman or Chief Executive. In particular, he will contribute towards the successful integration into the Group of its largest acquisitions.

Bernard Lemée will continue to represent BNP Paribas on HR committees dedicated to subjects such as social issues which concern companies and employees, in particular questions concerning retirement, social protection and industrial relations in general.

Frederic Lavenir will join the bank's HR department in October to begin a three month handing over process.

Commenting in these nominations, Baudouin Prot, BNP Paribas' Chief Executive, said: « During 14 years, Bernard has played a decisive role in leading the HR function. He contributed to the development of our culture which is based on excellence and respect for others, performance in a good working environment, meticulousness and openness. I am happy that our Group will continue to benefit from his enormous wealth of experience. Frédéric has successfully run a BNP Paribas company for 5 years which is well known for its dynamism and international nature. He takes over one of the Group's essential roles at a time when our international growth is going through another impressive spurt. »