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Findomestic Launches Brand Repositioning Campaign based on “Co-Responsibility”

Findomestic, one of the most important players in the Italian consumer credit sector, issuing €4,092 of credit in 2009 with a gross profit of €62 million, has launched a new publicity campaign to promote the responsible dimension of its brand.

In 2004, Findomestic introduced a client support service in order to provide information, advice and assistance to encourage responsible credit. They also established a code of ethics and a guide of best practices for financial recovery.

The recent financial crisis has led Italians to be not only more demanding in their dealings with financing organisations but also to be more aware of the importance of strong counsel, assistance, closeness and confidence—all values that have been central to Findomestic's philosophy since its creation in 1984.

Based on these values, the "co-responsibility" brand positioning was conceived. For Findomestic, co-responsibility is synonymous with the issuing of useful and customized credit adapted to the individual client's needs and budget, and implies an open exchange with a client that is both responsible and engaged.

Starting on June 13th, Findomestic is launching its first multi-media campaign to appear on TV, in the press and on the web, aiming to increase visibility while integrating its philosophy of co-responsibility into its brand name. The campaign features a young couple preparing for their wedding. The company's green mascot is at the heart of the narrative, encompassing kindness, approachability and energy, and helps the couple to make good decisions. Unfolding like a documentary, it ends with the slogan, “Look how well you can live with credit”.

The campaign will continue until July 24, airing on television in 30- and 20-second spots, and will also appear in the written press and online.

Agency: TBWA Italy
Exectutive Director: Geo Ceccarelli
Creative Director: Esmeralda Spada
Art Director: Matteo Alagna
Editor: Claudia Marini
Producer: Mercurio Film
Director: Maki Gherzi
Media Direction: Mind Share