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Employee Shareholding plan a success


- Over 59,000 employees (out of a total of 80,000) chose to invest in the company;

- 4.7 million shares, for a total value of 300 million Euros (2 billion Francs), were subscribed;

- Employees now make up approximately 3.7% of BNP Paribas' shareholders.

After the approval of the merger on 23 May 2000, the BNP Paribas Group offered its employees the unique opportunity to take part in worldwide campaign to inject new capital. This was one of the biggest operations of the kind ever undertaken by a French company. The share subscription, which ended on 22 June, carried a preferential price of 65 Euros.

Over 59,000 employees in 67 countries signed on to the Employee Shareholding Plan. Employees from the former BNP and the former Paribas subscribed in roughly the same numbers. The total amount of subscriptions, including contributions by our subsidiaries, was 303 million Euros, which amounts to 4.7 million shares, or close to 1% of BNP Paribas' equity capital.

In France, the investments came from:
- funds from shareholding and profit sharing paid out in 1999: 113 million Euros.
- voluntary employee savings plans: 96 million Euros.
Combined, these account for 3.2 million shares.

Abroad, voluntary savings plans account for 69 million Euros, or 1,1 million shares. All countries combined, the average amount invested was on the order of 2,900 Euros.

The group matched employees investments with 25 million Euros, the equivalent of 400,000 shares.

Once completed, employees now account for - through the Corporate Savings Plans and the Group Savings Plans combined - 3.7% of BNP Paribas' shareholders.

The success of the 2000 Employee Shareholding Plan shows that employees place their trust in the newly formed Group, one of the leading global banking groups. BNP Paribas has plans to undertake similar initiatives in the future, giving employees the chance to enjoy the fruits of the company's growth.