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Cortal Consors : After its successful merger, the leading European broker in personal investments and online trading launches its new brand

New products and services also allow private investors to fully benefit from
the investment opportunities in Europe.

N° 1 in Europe in personal investments and online trading

With 1.1 million customers and a NBI of €100.4 million during the 1st half of 2003, Cortal Consors is the leading European broker in personal investments and online trading. The company returned to the breakeven point already during the 1st half of 2003 and continues in the same dynamism supported by the good market conditions. Born from one of the first European mergers in the financial sector, Cortal Consors is present today in six European countries (Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg and Italy). Cortal Consors is a subsidiary of BNP Paribas, the 1st bank in the Euro Zone.

New visual identity in Europe

Cortal Consors was born in May 2002, after the acquisition of the German broker Consors by BNP Paribas, in order to merge it with BNP Paribas' French subsidiary Cortal. The merger procedure, which is today completely accomplished, gave birth to a real European company with a French-German Executive Committee. Cortal Consors finishes this merger by launching today a one and unique brand which will represent the company for all its European customers. In order to combine the brand recognition of the two companies - Cortal and Consors - in their domestic markets, the company decided to associate permanently the two names for its new brand. The new brand will have a completely new and original visual identity in the banking sector. It will be officially launched October 20 and translates the culture of the company: "European, pioneer and free".
The new logo of Cortal Consors consists of a hand with leaves on a sienna-coloured background. The hand, core element of the logo, is a hand that gives, receives, acts and produces. It also symbolises proximity and advice that Cortal Consors wishes to offer its customers. The metaphor of a tree and its leaves refers to development and good harvest. Cortal Consors also adopts a new signature: "Benefit from the best of financial Europe".


Germany and France: pillars of retail investment in Europe

The European development of Cortal Consors relies on a solid basis in the two main retail investment markets in Europe: Germany and France.
A study prepared by Cortal Consors together with the French research institute L'Observatoire de l'Epargne Européenne shows that Germany and France represent together 56% of retail investments in Europe. The two countries also show the highest household saving rates: 17% in average. Demographic projections also point out the necessity of developing retail investment for retirement: in France, the population aged of 60 years and more should raise from 21% in 2000 to 30% in 2030. A similar evolution is expected in Germany, from 23% to 35% during the same period.
The shareholding appears more popular in France, with a 16% rate of shareholders. This is twice as much than in Germany. On the other hand, the German households invest in average more in shares, with an average portfolio of €4,400. This is 47% more than in France. The part of funds invested in shares has increased in Germany from 37% in 2000 to 47% in 2002, while it decreased in France from 56% to 44% during the same period.
In total, 89% of Cortal Consors NBI is currently generated in Germany and in France.

New products and services

While launching its new brand, Cortal Consors also offers new products and services in Europe either locally or on a European level, like trading on European stock markets at local rates or "Ethic Investments":

- Trading on European stock markets at local rates
The brokerage fees are offered on a local price for the European markets on which Cortal Consors is present: Paris, Frankfurt, Milan and Madrid.

- Ethic Investments
Ethic Investments is a selection of European companies which correspond at best to the criteria of socially responsible investments. This selection of 15 shares is made by the specialists of the sustainable growth team at BNP Paribas Asset Management. The detailed analyses are regularly updated and available on the website. For these 15 shares, the customers do not pay any management fees.