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Cortal Consors launches 3 innovations for active stock market investors

Cortal Consors launches three innovations that allow active stock market investors to be more efficient: intelligent protective thresholds (‘SmartStops'), a tool to place orders from the chart, and a new version of the iPhone application for making transfers and placing mutual fund orders.

Cortal Consors is the first company in France to offer a simple solution to protect investors from drops in stock prices: “SmartStops”. They are orders with trigger rates that automatically adjust to daily market changes and secure investor positions. They make it possible to identify the risk that a share price will fall and to limit losses. SmartStops cover all CAC 40 and SRD shares on the French market as well as the DAX 30, MDAX, TecDAX, DJ EuroStoxx 50, Nasdaq 100 and DowJones 30 indexes.

Cortal Consors is launching “Ordre Graphique”, until now reserved for professionals. It allows you to place and view trading orders directly on the securities chart. Available on the Active Trader platform, this tool saves time and allows real-time visual interaction with stock price trends. Investors can place their orders simply, based on the results of their chartist analyses, without having to change screens and lose sight of the market.

Lastly, Cortal Consors offers a new version of its iPhone application, Appli Bourse, that allows you to not only follow stock prices and place trading orders in real time (stocks, trackers, futures, warrants, etc.), but also to place mutual fund orders. Customers can also make transfers and drive their investments in mobile situations (train, commuting, etc.), even under low-network conditions. The application is completely free. Click here to access it.

“As an on-line trading specialist, our job is to offer our customers innovative services to make them more efficient. “SmartStops” offer our customers a tailored risk management solution, “Ordre Graphique” allows faster and more visual decision-making, and “Appli Bourse by Cortal Consors” offers a solution for the ubiquitous needs of our customers',” explains Fabien Vrignon, Director Trading at Cortal Consors France.

About Cortal Consors
Cortal Consors, a company of BNP Paribas, is the leading European broker in personal investing and online trading and offers to more than one million customers a comprehensive range of products and investment services through various distribution channels. Cortal Consors is present in Germany, France and Spain. Within Investment Solutions division, Cortal Consors, B*capital and Portzamparc, investment firms, Geojit BNP Paribas, a leading broker in the Indian market and BNP Paribas Personal Investors in Luxemburg and Singapore are part of BNP Paribas Personal Investors business line.