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Cortal Consors increased operating income by +124% in 2004 compared to 2003.

Assets under Management reached EUR18.6 billion end of year (+36%)

Cortal Consors achieved an operating income of EUR 28.3 M in 2004, showing a strong increase over 2003 figure (EUR 12.6 M).

The acquisition of new customers in Europe continued at a high level: 75,000 new customers joined Cortal Consors during the year, an increase of +85% compared to 2003 (40,500 customers recruited).

With the broker B*capital becoming a 100% subsidiary, Cortal Consors enriches its multi-services and multi-channel strategy with a strong competence in advice on stocks, derivatives and discretionary management.

High performance of net collection;
Offering liquid products to help investors manage assets in an uncertain environment and new tools to improve its brokerage services, Cortal Consors managed to increase total net collection by +45% in 2004 compared to 2003.

After 2 quarters of side-moving stock market environment, 1.6 million trades were executed in the 4th quarter 2004, i.e. an increase of +11% over 3rd quarter 2004, leading to a total of 7.1 million trades for the whole year.

In Germany, in asset gathering, gross long term collection increased sharply by +69% in 2004 compared to 2003. This performance was achieved leveraging on the success of “4 for you” and “Super 6”, products that combine attractive yields and long-term savings investments, on the reinforcement of funds advice given by phone, and on the new Independent Financial Advisors network. Besides, a new cash deposit account with a 2.6% interest rate was launched in October. Total Assets under Management reached EUR 6.8 billion end of year (+14% above 2003 figure).

In France, in asset gathering business, gross long term collection increased by +35% in 4th quarter 2004 compared to 3rd quarter 2004. Besides, around 400 M EUR of cash were collected in 2004 through Livret EUR, the savings account launched in April that offers an attractive return on available cash. Total Assets under Management reached EUR 9.9 billion end of year including B*capital assets, showing an increase of +65% above 2003 figure (+22% at constant perimeter).
Brokerage activity was supported by the launch in October of, a new financial portal, offering free access on internet to financial information and additional services to the most active traders as well as a new version of Active Trader, the Cortal Consors on-line trading platform.

In other countries (Spain, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg) development was pursued: 10,000 clients were recruited in 2004, +21% compared to previous year. Assets under Management reached EUR 1.9 billion end of 2004, an increase of + 12% over previous year.

Strong improvement of operating returns allowing increased investments in customer recruitment
The operating income reached EUR 28.3 M in 2004, a +124% increase compared to 2003. This improved result was achieved while financing growth through the recruitment of 75,000 customers in the year (+85% above 2003 figure).

With B*capital entry in Cortal Consors group, Cortal Consors confirms its positioning as European leader in savings and on-line trading

This acquisition enables to accelerate B*capital development and to propose Cortal Consors French clients a dedicated service for advice on brokerage investments, derivatives and discretionary management while costs synergies are realized through rationalisation of middle and back-office.

End 2004, including EUR 2.6bn assets of B*capital clients, Assets under Management were EUR 18.6 billion and made up of 44% of stocks, 48% of funds assets, and 8% of liquid assets.

Cortal Consors, a company of BNP Paribas, is the leading European broker in personal investing and online trading and offers to more than one million customers a complete range of products and investment services through various distribution channels. Cortal Consors is present in 6 European countries: Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Luxemburg, and Italy.