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Cortal Consors Fund Management (CFM) becomes FundQuest, BNP Paribas's global open architecture brand

Following the acquisition in July of the US fund management company FundQuest, CFM (Cortal Consors Fund Management) is changing its name: from now on FundQuest is BNP Paribas's sole global open architecture brand.

This move marks a new a stage in the development of Turnkey Asset Management Provider (TAMP) services in Europe. One early product of this strategy can already be mentioned: since early October FundQuest has been advising Cortal Consors on its new range of managed accounts distributed by Cardif.

With FundQuest, BNP Paribas has a global open architecture platform based on best-in-class manager selection and superior technology.

In Europe FundQuest (ex-CFM) already offers its clients the best portfolio management solutions, tailored to the needs of institutional investors and private individuals (fund analysis and selection, advice, management delegation, portfolio construction).

A whole new range of services will shortly be added to these existing services in Europe: consolidated reporting, client risk-profiles approach, portfolio analysis and generation of sales support investment suggestions.

About FundQuest
FundQuest is one of the world's leading providers of open architecture wealth management solutions. With 150 people working in the United States and Europe (France, Italy, Germany and Luxembourg), FundQuest manages and advises on EUR 26 bn on behalf of a wide client-base of distributors, institutional investors and financial advisors (as of 30 June 2005). Its open architecture structure and unbiased investment management services enable FundQuest to offer a robust and flexible range of solutions including all types of managed accounts (both mutual funds and separately managed stocks and bonds). FundQuest also delivers sales and marketing resources that make it easier for its clients to promote, sell and support the wealth management services they offer.