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New chairman for Klépierre supervisory board

Vivien Lévy-Garboua, who was appointed head of compliance for BNP Paribas in January 2005, has opted to refrain from serving as chairman of any board. Consequently, at the close of Klépierre's annual shareholders' meeting on April 7, 2005, Mr. Lévy-Garboua resigned from his position as Chairman of the Klépierre Supervisory Board, a position he had held since April 12, 2000.
He intends to maintain his seat on the Supervisory Board, to which he was re-elected by the shareholders on April 8, 2004.

The Supervisory Board, which convened its members immediately after this year's annual shareholders' meeting, has selected Dominique Hoenn as its new Chairman. Currently Senior Adviser and formerly CEO of BNP Paribas, Mr. Hoenn is a member of the "Collège de l'Autorité des Marchés Financiers". He has served on the Klépierre Supervisory Board since April 8, 2004.