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The internet site came on line on 23 may at 9:00 p.m.

BNP Paribas began life officially on 23 May 2000, after the general meeting of shareholders that approved the merger and the new name of the group by over 99%. As soon as the resolutions had been carried, the information and communication site came on line in French and English.

This site contains mainly:

- A "news" section giving information on the life of the company together with the share market price and an "events" section that at the time of the merger was given over to an exclusive interview with Michel Pébereau on group strategy. This section also contains a thematic "zoom", inaugurated with "graphic variations" on the new logo, a work by five major international artists: Bruce McCall (USA), Lorenzo Mattotti (Italy), Paul Cox, Marie Caillou and Philippe Petit Roulet (France). BNP Paribas is the first company to enable artists to interpret its visual identity freely on the Internet.

- Access to all the group information and documentation sites: financial information, recruitment, the Euro, economic studies, etc.

- Access to all the commercial sites of the group that now offer access to BNP Net, BNP Net enterprises and to specialized merchant banking sites, together with links to the sites of group subsidiaries: e-cortal, Banque Directe, Cetelem, Cardif, Business Village, Autovalley, etc., and also the sites of the worldwide set-ups of BNP Paribas and those of its retail banking subsidiaries, from BancWest (USA) to BMCI (Morocco) via BNP Paribas India or BNP Paribas Cuba.

Since 24 May, BNP Paribas has also set up a completely new Intranet site federating all group employees irrespective of their original company or profession (retail banking, merchant banking, private banks, asset management, etc.).