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BNP Paribas sponsors the 12th European edition of the Avenir Export - Avenir Expat trade show March 7th - 9th, 2001, at the CNIT in Paris La Défense

  • 06.03.2001
BNP Paribas has introduced a new dimension to its long-standing partnership with Avenir Export - Avenir Expat, the Exportation and International Mobility trade show which unites players in international trade from 80 different countries. More than 30,000 visitors (directors of small and medium-sized companies, export managers, etc.) are expected to attend the event, which is hosting 300 exhibitors and 76 workshops / conferences.

BNP Paribas' active participation in the trade show reflects its policy of supporting small and medium-sized companies in their international development. BNP Paribas works with more than 40% of the exporting companies in France and has set up a specific structure for this client base internationally : BNP Paribas Trade Centers. Each Trade Center (regional or national) offers importers and exporters a wide range of trade-related products and consultancy services such as documentary operations, international guarantees, foreign exchange, technical and legal support. Clients also gain access to a worldwide network that will number 80 Trade Centers by the end of 2002, including 60 outside France.

This year, the new BNP Paribas Group has decided to step up its involvement in the Avenir Export - Avenir Expat trade show, in particular by organizing:

- Interviews by specialists on international trade (country risk manager, BNP Paribas Factor, BNP Paribas Lease Group, COFACE, CFME, ACTIM, Partenariat France, etc.) that will be organized in BNP Paribas' 80m² reception area, as well as a new joint space for two of its subsidiaries : BMCI Casablanca and UBCI Tunis.

- Six workshops / conferences:
. Wednesday 7th:
Businesses and the euro: final preparations
The Brazilian market: still in the spotlight (with Strat'Export)
Business projects in Japan: have you thought of Japanese trading houses? (with CGPME)
. Thursday 8th:
Exporting and getting paid
Forfeiting/factoring: competing or complementary?
. Friday 9th:
A partner in the Maghreb working for exporters (BMCI)

On March 8th, the bank will hold a breakfast workshop based on the theme: "Some practical advice for exporters". The Trophy for the Best International Achievement will be presented later on in the day.
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