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BNP Paribas makes a slight adjustment to its tender offer price for BNL

Shareholders who tendered their shares will receive an increase of 0.0025 euros per share

The final price BNP Paribas will pay BNL shareholders as part of its tender offer is 2.9275 instead of 2.9250 as initially thought. This adjustment raises the overall price paid by BNP Paribas during the offer period by approximately 3 million euros.

This adjustment results from an incident involving index-linked transactions entered into by a trading desk at one of BNP Paribas' subsidiaries. The trading desk bought BNL shares at 2.9275 on the 18th May, two days after the tender offer closed, but before the date of payment, as part of hedging operations linked to the MIB 30.

BNP Paribas immediately informed the Consob of this incident and undertook to offer to pay this slightly increased price to all ordinary and savings shareholders, according to the Italian rules and regulations. The additional amount of a quarter of a centime per share will be paid as part of the general payment to shareholders following the tender.