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BNP Paribas organizes the first virtual trade show for Warrants

For the first time in Europe, BNP Paribas is organizing an e-day for Warrants on 6 December 2000.

Thanks to the Internet, this e-day will take the form of a virtual trade show for warrants.

By logging onto the Web site, surfers will be able to watch televised conferences by experts (via Webvision).

These Webvision broadcasts, in French, German, and Italian, will cover six topics :

Understanding how warrants function and their characteristics: explaining the basic concepts and mechanisms behind warrants (parity and contract size, "call" warrants and "put" warrants, the meaning of the terms "in" and "out of the money", and leverage.
Understanding the warrant markets: particularly in France, Germany, and Italy.
Discovering how warrants are valued: the components that make up the premium, intrinsic value, and time value.
Choosing an investment: sensitivity (delta, gearing, elasticity), choice of warrants, selling rather than exercising a warrant.
Learning how to trade warrants: bid-only warrants, prices, types of orders, tax treatment.
Defining a warrant strategy: hedging, switching from securities to warrants after a sharp price rise, speculation, and straddles.

Web surfers will also be able to converse with the various experts by means of the forum that will be put on line for the occasion. This forum will remain open for more than a week.

With this first e-day, BNP Paribas Equities is confirming its dynamic approach to warrants by giving its clientele tools for analysis (monthly newsletter, guide to warrants, the Web site and a broad, diversified, and unique range of more than 1,800 European equity and index warrants.