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BNP Paribas launches its residual offer on BNL / The offer, at 2.9275 euros per share, will begin on 30 June and end on 20 July

  • 23.06.2006
BNP Paribas is pleased to announce that the Consob has given its approval to the publication of the offer document concerning the residual offer of BNP Paribas on BNL.

The Consob has set the price of the residual offer at 2.9275 euros per share. This price is the same as the one of BNP Paribas' mandatory offer on BNL.

The residual offer will begin on 30 June and end on 20 July 2006.

The offer document, as well as the related release approved today by the Board of BNL, will be published before the beginning of the tender period.
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