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BNP Paribas Launches the First Financial Portal Dedicated to Accounts Receivable Management

BNP Paribas has launched, the first transactional Web site dedicated to accounts receivable management, which can represent up to 30% of a company's assets. This function is of strategic importance to many companies.

By choosing to outsource all or part of its accounts receivable management, a company can protect itself against the risk of unpaid invoices, shorten its collection time, and minimize administrative expenses related to customer accounts. Clientelis is intended to help companies optimize their accounts receivable management in total security by giving them access to a comprehensive and modular range of individual services and the assurance of working with professionals that BNP Paribas has chosen for the quality of the services they offer, all at a substantial cost savings that BNP Paribas has negotiated for its customers (up to 30% off standard prices) :

- commercial information (solvency analyses with a recommended ceiling for outstandings, economic reports, summarized balance sheets, official publications) via on-line access to the database of Coface SCRL, which contains data on 4 million companies in France and 15 million companies in other countries
- marketing development assistance (preparing customized prospecting files using a multicriterion selection process that covers business lines, geographical information, key figures, etc.) and a direct marketing offering that Bottin has developed for dissemination over the Internet
- accounts receivable management (printing and mailing invoices, generating and mailing past due account reminders, handling past due account reminders by phone on the company's behalf, receipt of payments) provided by Convergence (Boulanger group), which offers a complete line of services for outsourcing all or part of the accounts receivable management function. Convergence allows customers to monitor the action it takes, in real time, over the Internet.
- account collection, both amicable and through legal proceedings: the company SFRB (Boulanger group) handles all phases of collection from individuals and companies, in France and abroad, from serving notice to filing suit. Thanks to the Internet, companies can monitor SFRB's actions and forward instructions directly to it.

Clientelis also enables customers to manage accounts receivable insurance on line via Axa Assurcrédit (requests for coverage and monitoring of outstandings, electronic declarations of past due receivables, launching collection proceedings, and on-line indemnification information) and finance their accounts receivable through BNP Paribas Factor (recording invoices and immediately financing accounts receivable, identifying and recording payments, handling customer accounting, issuing reminders, and collecting accounts due).

Lastly, in addition to the wealth of specialized information that it offers subscribers (such as sectoral economic news, economic analyses, thematic articles, and practical information fact sheets), the Clientelis Web site now contains a Business Support section that has been prepared in cooperation with the French Credit Managers Association (AFDCC). This section gives customers access to AFDCC's training programs at discounted rates and allows them to submit technical questions on line to AFDCC and benefit from its members' expertise.

Through this initiative, BNP Paribas has further confirmed its leadership in e-finance. More than 10,000 SMEs that are BNP Paribas customers already access their bank via BNP Net Entreprises (