BNP Paribas launches Connexis in Asia, a global on-line banking solution for corporates

  • 05.07.2001
BNP Paribas is launching Connexis in Asia, a global e-banking solution that enables companies to manage their banking accounts in real time. Connexis affords easy access to BNP Paribas services in the Asian Pacific region from anywhere in the world and at any time. This innovative and progressive Internet-based service is user friendly and fully secure.

Connexis is both a reporting and transactional tool that allows efficient cash management. Corporate clients can monitor in real time movements and balances of all their BNP Paribas accounts in Asia (current, saving & deposit accounts, loan commitments and so on), and make automatic adjustment transfers between accounts. They can also initiate one-off and bulk payments to third parties.

Connexis comes with a commitment to quality service, timely execution of transactions, and real time access to information. This Internet-based service runs in a fully secure environment thanks to a dual electronic signature system which adapts to each company's organisation structure, and to encrypted transmission that ensures message integrity, authentification, and confidentiality.

Connexis will be enriched with new functionalities covering all companies needs including international reporting from third party banks, account consolidation, letters of credit, trade and forex operations, and more. Connexis will then constitute a global transaction management solution for corporate clients. It will subsequently be extended to BNP Paribas operations in other geographic zones.

Connexis is accessible via the new Asia portal ( that groups all BNP Paribas Asian web sites (India, Hong Kong, China, south Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia).
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