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BNP Paribas launches the Change Index

Dutch are open to change. This concludes BNP Paribas, ‘the bank for a changing world' based on the ‘Change Index', the survey on change that Blauw Research recently executed for the bank. This survey shows also that the Dutch believe that change generally leads to improvement and that they generally see the need for change. The change that the Dutch experience as most positive are the possibilities that technology offers us (over 70% sees this as a positive change).

In the Change Index survey on change, the average openness to change and need for change was measured based on statements. Next to this the survey measured what the Dutch see change, what they want to change and the measure and importance of these changes. BNP Paribas is interested in change in the countries where the company is active. The Netherlands is the first country where the Change Index survey on change is executed. The bank will probably run the survey every year and also in other countries in order to be able to distinguish changes per country and compare them.

Change Index: the average Dutch person is open to change
At the moment the Change Index indicates that the average Dutch person has a general score of 58 (on a scale of 1 to 100) concerning openness to change. The analysis of the Change Index also showed remarkable conclusions and differences in openness to change based on gender, age and education level. Noticable items that came forward are:
- men are more open to change than women
- higher educated people are more open to change than middle and lower educated people
- youth and elderly are just as open to change
- over half of the Dutch believes that you can often turn change into improvement (less than 10% doesn't believe this)
- relatively most Dutch find that change, in whatever area, is necessary (12% doesn't find this)
- only a relatively small part of the Dutch thinks that everything used to be better in the past (14%) or is hesitant towards change (12%)

As of today the website is online. On this website the visitor can measure anonymously their own Change Index (openness to change) and compare it to others.

Most expected changes
Changes that affect the financial situation of the Dutch (like costs of healthcare and daily life) are most expected (about 90%). Nearly half of the Dutch expect that topics in their personal life (like stability of love life) won't change.

Most desired changes
Of all proposed possible changes, The Netherlands would most want to see that the government will direct its full attention to improving the economy. In addition Dutch want prosperity to be better divided. The most desired changes are, just like the most expected changes, related to the financial situation.

Measure and importance of change
The older the Dutch, the more changes they expect in for example the field of finance and technology. Although elderly expect the most changes, youth are most positive to change, namely in the field of politics, finance and technology. The younger the Dutch, the less they worry about various developments and changes.

Changes impacting the financial situation of Dutch people ( like cost of healthcare and daily life) are regarded as the most important and obviously experienced as negative. The Dutch are generally positive about changes relating to technological developments and about the increase of the average life expectancy. Changes due to technological developments are however not (yet) regarded as very important.

More information on this survey can be found on


About the survey
The survey on change in The Netherlands has been executed by Blauw Research, the renowned survey agency from Rotterdam, at the order of BNP Paribas, among over 1,000 respondents. The complete survey measures the openness to, and need for change and the importance that the Dutch attach to it in various areas. These areas are: (personal) economic situation, politics, social developments, social life, social media and technical innovation.

Reason for the survey
The world changes every day. About some changes people worry. But change also stands for development and growth. BNP Paribas is, as “the bank for a changing world” (signature since the creation of the current bank in 2000) interested in change and wants to help its clients and partnes in adapting to these changes and to see change as a positive thing. BNP Paribas does this for example by helping its clients in the realization of their personal and business projects.

About BNP Paribas
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* Rated AA by Standard & Poor's i.e. 3rd rating level on a scale of 22.

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