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BNP Paribas launches Artegy, long-term vehicle fleet rental

BNP Paribas launches ARTEGY, a company specialized in providing long-term leasing and management of industrial vehicle fleets. Today, ARTEGY manages a fleet of 2000 vehicles over 3.5 tons.

The launch of ARTEGY highlights the commitment of Group BNP Paribas in providing businesses with a new means of funding and service. ARTEGY targets the increasing need of companies to reduce available assets from their balance sheet and subcontract technical functions and logistics.

ARTEGY provides a global approach to fleet management which includes funding, maintenance, insurance, fuel, replacement vehicle supply, sale of used vehicles... and a guarantee of choice and quality service. This custom tailored approach provides clients with options which can be selected based on the evolution of their contract and company needs.

ARTEGY leases and manages all types of vehicles and coordinates maintenance and repair services provided by suppliers of different brands. By federating the more competitive suppliers, ARTEGY offers customers a large network of garages. ARTEGY has established strict cost-effective guidelines in order to deliver quality service and roadside assistance regardless of the vehicle's trademark.

A subsidiary of ARVAL Service Lease and UFB LOCABAIL, ARTEGY unites experts in the field of industrial vehicles and capitalizes on the long-term rental service provided by Group BNP Paribas's specialized financial services.