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BNP Paribas' Innovation Awards

Innovation forms part of BNP Paribas' brand values, and every year the group celebrates this by making a number of Innovation Awards.

BNP Paribas promotes Responsible Innovation – innovation which results in genuine progress in the medium and longer term, both within our company and for the wider environment.

Accordingly, in the 2010 series of Awards BNP Paribas has placed more emphasis on innovative activities with a bearing on corporate, social and environmental responsibility.

BNP Paribas distinguishes two major categories of innovation:
Corporate Innovation, stemming from initiatives taken by employees or teams whose responsibility it is to innovate in their field; and Innov@ction, based on suggestions made by an employee or group of employees, regardless of their position, which lead to improvements in products, services or processes and contribute to customer satisfaction.

The winners in BNP Paribas Group's 2010 series of Innovation Awards have been chosen from over 217 entries. In total, 24 Innovation Awards will be presented to recipients in six countries by the end of October.

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About BNP Paribas
BNP Paribas ( is one of the six strongest banks in the world* and the largest bank in the eurozone by deposits. With a presence in more than 80 countries and more than 200,000 employees, including 160,000 in Europe, BNP Paribas is a leading European provider of financial services on a worldwide scale. It ranks highly in its three core activities: Retail Banking, Investment Solutions and Corporate & Investment Banking. In Retail Banking, the Group has four domestic markets: Belgium, France, Italy and Luxembourg. BNP Paribas is rolling out its integrated model across the Europe-Mediterranean zone and boasts a large network in the United States. BNP Paribas Personal Finance is the leader in consumer lending in Europe. In its Corporate & Investment Banking and Investment Solutions activities, BNP Paribas also enjoys top positions in Europe and solid and fast-growing businesses in Asia.
* Rated AA by Standard & Poor's i.e. 3rd rating level on a scale of 22.