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BNP Paribas group: Third quarter 2001 results

  • 14.11.2001
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Despite the unfavourable business environment in the third quarter 2001, the Group had far superior operating performance than in the third quarter 2000:

- Net banking income: 4,200 million Euros (+ 9.9%)
- Gross operating income: 1,517 million Euros (+ 23.6%)
- Operating income (after provisions): 1,147 million Euros (+ 24.8%)
- Net income, group share: 743 million Euros, down slightly (- 7.6%) due only to lower realised capital gains

. The Retail Banking core business continued to enjoy sustained growth and its income continued to rise steadily

. The Private Banking, Asset Management, Insurance and Securities Services core business continued to increase the amount of assets gathered, and to remain resilient despite plummeting stock market valuations

. The Corporate and Investment Banking core business performed well, in particular the advisory and capital markets business which repeated its operating performance of the first nine months of 2000, thereby confirming the effectiveness of the Group's business strategy in this area..
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